Spring Has Sprung

It’s time to get prepared for spring’s predictably unpredictable weather. While the summer and winter seasons are pretty straightforwardly hot and cold, respectively, spring can bring days of either of these climates separately or even on the same day! These kinds of unpredictable changes in climate can wreak havoc on our skin, so with this post we are hoping to help you get a head start on how best to get through this season with as little irritation as possible.

Spring Blossoms

Known as the season for its colorful blooming flowers, this beauty comes at a price. That price is allergens. The increased level of allergens in the air can cause flare ups for those suffering from both psoriasis and eczema alike. When you do find yourself outdoors, try to avoid sitting on grass and also refrain from touching any shrubs or bushes –to reduce any chances of a flare up from an allergen source. Another helpful tip is to wear clothes that cover your sensitive skin but are loose fitting. This will help you refrain from itching and aggravating your skin while also giving those skin areas the room to breathe without irritation. For some, the UV light from the sun can actually help minimize breakouts by drying the skin. So spending a little time outdoors on the sunny spring days (while wearing broad-spectrum sunscreen, of course) could be something for you to try out. Lastly, whether you are suffering from psoriasis or eczema, make sure to apply the right kind of moisturizer. It’s important you use a moisturizer that is free of both steroids and parabens to avoid any other symptoms from occurring, and also provides the nourishment and hydration necessary for dry/cold and dry/hot temperaments. So what are we going to do?

  1. Get some sunshine and outdoors time (while wearing broad-spectrum sunscreen)
  2. Avoid grass, shrubs and bushes
  3. Wear clothes that cover sensitive skin and are loose fitting
  4. Use the right kind of moisturizers

Sun’s Out, Breaking Out?

Now that winter is over, we can start to expect to see some sunny days (finally)!! With that sunshine though comes its icky partner, sweat! It’s already quite well-known how sweat contributes to acne breakouts on the face and body. That’s why it’s important as we head into spring and get ready for summer, we need to adjust our skin care routine to fit the changing climate. Oil-free cleansers and moisturizers are the way to go when your sweat glands start pumping. Even if you tend to have dry skin, there are products like our acne treatment cleanser, moisturizer and spot treatment that don’t use any oils but also don’t dry out your skin. Our products use special botanical herbs that reduce inflammation and keeps your skin hydrated and resilient. Our last tip for keeping breakouts at bay this spring is to drink a lot of water, whether it’s a rainy day or a sunny day, water is the best way to flush out toxins, hydrate your skin and give you a nice healthy glow. So what’s the take away here?

  1. Adjust skin care routine to include products that are oil-free
  2. Drink lots of H20

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