Clinical Studies

Kamedis is committed to skincare research and contributing to the understanding of the interplay between botanicals and skin health. We invest in clinical studies and validation of our products so that we can deliver on our mission to help as many skin sufferers as possible.

Our dermatological clinical studies are conducted by leading researchers worldwide, according to strict Good Clinical Practice in professional laboratories, clinics, and hospitals. These studies indicate that patients applying Kamedis products as directed experienced a significant reduction of their symptoms.

Kamedis has conducted standard dermatological tests according to stringent industry regulations, and as a consequence, our products have been approved and marketed internationally as dermatologically - tested products.


Highlights and Key Tables From Our Clinical Studies

Face & Body Cream  Clinical Study

Foot Gel Clinical Study

Spot Treatment Clinical Study

Dandruff Shampoo & Scalp Lotion Clinical Study


Novel Botanical for Atopic Dermatitis


Published Clinical Study References

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