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Patient Satisfaction Survey Program

Dear Patient: If you’re reading this, you may have a skin problem. And you may have tried, different products that may have not worked. I know how you feel, because I’ve been there. And I’ve spent my life looking for a better way. My journey took me from Israel to California to Chengdu, where I studied with masters of traditional Chinese Medicine.

They taught me how botanicals, with their complex interplay of ingredients, can heal us by bringing our bodies back into balance. And finally, my journey took me back to modern Western science, to verify in the lab and in clinical trials what traditional Chinese medicine had taught me.

The result is Kamedis, a unique collection of skin treatment products that bring together East and West, tradition and innovation, safety and effectiveness.

Our journey isn’t over. At Kamedis, we continue to support the farmers and communities where our botanicals are grown and harvested. We continue to work with, and learn from, practitioners of alternative medicine as well as dermatologists and researchers. And we remain committed to helping as many skin sufferers as possible get the benefits of what we’ve learned.

Roni Kramer,
founder of Kamedis Dermatology

Patient identification criteria

Patients should have uncomplicated, stable, mild to moderate atopic dermatitis and agree to apply the products as needed (but at a minimum twice a day - morning and evening). They must be willing and able to complete the online 12-question survey at the end of the month of treatment (survey website address to be provided). Paper surveys will also be provided as an alternative.





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