Our Botanicals

Kamedis skin products are formulated with botanicals used in traditional Chinese medicine — botanicals that have been renowned for their ability to support good health for hundreds, even thousands, of years.

We began our work with botanicals by mapping the properties of hundreds of extracts. We then chose the dozens that demonstrated the greatest positive impact on skin. Next we experimented with various combinations of our chosen botanicals, looking for synergies that would deliver better results than individual botanicals could alone. Ultimately we arrived at the combinations we offer today.

Scientifically tested and clinically proven, each of our combination enables our products to deliver true breakthrough benefits — benefits like prebiotic and antibiotic effects that naturally foster the growth of beneficial organisms while inhibiting the growth of those that are harmful.

Finally, our botanicals are conscientiously sourced and meticulously purified. And, they offer some of the highest concentrations of botanical extracts available, giving you more of what you want from quality skin care products.