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Board of Directors

Ms. Roni Kramer, Founder, Chairman and CEO Kamedis Inc.  
Roni Kramer founded Kamedis Ltd. in 1998 as an R&D company that develops, manufactures and provides natural high-quality therapeutic products for skin disorders. An entrepreneur with a strong attraction to Chinese herbs, and an experienced TCM dermatology practitioner with 10 years of experience in treating skin disorders, Roni aims to increase efficacy by combining Chinese medicine with Western pharmacology and biochemistry, bridging these two major traditions.

Since founding Kamedis, Roni has continuously reached out to traditional medical practitioners for the purpose of knowledge-sharing, expediting clinical study results, and discovering new skin cures.

Roni attained an M.Sc. in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese herbology at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) in San Francisco, CA, including an internship at Chengdu University and Hospital in Sichuan, China. A licensed acupuncturist in California, she earned a B.A. in Sanskrit and Classical Indian languages, literature, and linguistics, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Mr. Gerald Ostrov
Consumer Goods Consultant and Contractor.
Mr. Ostrov is the Chairman and CEO, Bausch & Lomb. Mr. Ostrov  served as Company Group Chairman Vistakon, Johnson & Johnson for 8 years and Company Group Chairman Johnson & Johnson for 13 years.

Mr. Moshe Manor
Founder and Owner MACOI, a consultancy company which focuses on personal and close work with CEOs and senior managers in the healthcare industry, as well as board and advisory board positions.

Mr. Manor brings an extensive and diverse experience acquired during the last 28 years at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries in various positions, both with line and staff responsibility, in the generics and innovative arenas. Among his customers are pharma companies, startups and top executives seeking close support in strategy, global expansion, decision- making and personal coaching.

Mr. Alon Shemesh
Mr. Shemesh Owner & C.E.O in XVALUE , is a marketing and strategic advisor to medium sized and large companies - in the F.M.C.G industry, retail business improvement consulting, start - up support in the world of retail, and Digital. He's a partner in the "SHARK" company, a digital performance company based in the ARAB sector.

Mr. Shemesh served as C.M.O in Shufersal, the Israel's largest supermarket chain, owned by I.D.B group. In addition, he was the C.M.O in Strauss group. He was the Marketing manager of the infant formula category in Maabarot, as well as the Manager of Direct Marketing and loyalty programs in VISA CAL.

Ms. Daphna Wiener
Over 15 years of experience in business and financial management, with expertise in financial and economic analysis, evaluations, business models and financial planning. Consulting to entrepreneurs, companies, investors and funds. Lecturer at the Executive MBA program at the Hebrew University since 2010, teaching business planning. A partner at Optimize Risk Management Ltd. since 2002, specializing in developing and improving business models and providing management consulting. A co-author of "How to Create a Successful Business Plan", a book published in 2016 by World Scientific.