Q&A: Her derma-devotion to Chinese herbs begat a global Israel-based brand

Name: Roni Kramer

Age: 50

City: San Francisco

Profession: Founder and CEO of Kamedis

J.:You had an interesting journey — from your home in Tel Aviv to a Chinese medicine school in San Francisco to a job in China — before starting Kamedis, an herbal skin-care company that combines Chinese medicine with Western pharmacology and biochemistry. How did you come to be interested in Chinese medicine?

Roni Kramer: I was looking for a holistic approach to human illness and I found it in Chinese medicine. I started in Tel Aviv. In San Francisco, when I came here [to study at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine], I had the honor to be taught by Chinese doctors who had arrived not long ago from China. That was very special. I felt like I started studying from real masters. I came to San Francisco for acupuncture, because that’s what I knew about in Israel. But here I fell in love with herbs. I felt like I was entering the secret garden of ingredients. It was like magic.

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