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How to Control Dandruff & Dry Itchy Scalp with Kamedis Hair Products

Do you know what are the 2 questions I get asked almost everyday?

How to control oily skin and how to control dandruff.

I have covered many articles for oily skin, so we are not going to talk about that today. We are going to talk about dandruff and itchy, dry, scaly scalp.

If you haven’t faced dandruff troubles, I mean EVER, you lucky duck! But for the most of us, talking about dandruff is probably creating an urge to scratch the head, because we know how annoying it is to have dry scalp and dandruff. It feels like nothing is giving relief….and the more you wash with shampoo, the drier it gets. If you don’t wash it, the scalp will get oily and the itch will just drive you crazy.




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