Winter Acne Breakouts

Winter wreaks havoc on our skin, period. It dries us out! Causing our skin to feel irritated, itchy, uncomfortable and even tight. This leads to all sorts of unfortunate issues, including acne. If this is you, and you’re thinking to yourself, “Why do I always seem to suffer from breakouts more in the winter?” or, “Dry skin and acne?? What can I do?” well consider yourself lucky, you’re about to get some answers.

The dry winter air dehydrates us and our skin, when this happens to our face, our skin is essentially stripped of their natural oils. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? Well for our skin, it is! Our skin freaks out and our oil glands start to overproduce sebum in an effort to rehydrate our skin – which ends up just building up and clogging up our pores. This leaves us with having to take care of breakouts AND dry skin. Oh, boy!

So what can we do to combat the dry winter weather and the harm it has on our skin? Moisturizers that have glycerin are a good place to start when keeping your skin hydrated during the winter. Why? Glycerin is a type of “humectant”, which a quick search on google will tell you that this just means it’s a substance used to reduce the loss of moisture. We, at Kamedis, formulated a product that both hydrates the skin and fights acne (two birds, one stone… am I right?!). Our Acne Face Moisturizer includes both glycerin and salicylic acid which means you don’t have to choose which is more important to you (clear skin or hydration)! This also means that you can simultaneously treat acne, and balance your sebum production. Aside from an awesome moisturizer and acne regime, there are some other steps that need to be taken to have healthy skin.

☆ recognize the problem!

There’s a great chance your breakouts stem from the dry air and sebum overproduction and not because you need to clean your face more. Or with stronger products. First, before starting to exfoliate your skin off your body, or overdoing the products, focus on hydrating your skin. If your skin is feeling tight and is looking a little flaky, the answer to your breakouts won’t be to wash you face more, it’ll be to moisturize better.

☆ keep up with healthy habits!

Remember to continue drinking water, replacing bed sheets, cleaning your phone screen, removing makeup and all the other healthy habits that help keep your skin clear.

☆ keep skin hydrated!

Like mentioned before, having a moisturizer that uses humectants like glycerin, is a good place to start in keeping your skin hydrated. Humidifiers can help add moisture to dried out rooms that use heaters and water helps hydrate your body from the inside out.

Have more tips on how to take care of acne during the winter and keep your skin hydrated? Let us know!

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