Washing your hands for you and your child

With the spread of the novel corona virus (COVID-19) --- maintaining good hygiene may help save lives!

Most of us are not washing our hands well enough to keep ourselves from getting or passing along the virus. Scientists and experts believe that the most effective way to prevent passing along the virus is to keep good personal hygiene through frequent and efficient handwashing with the correct use of hand soap.

It is recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to wash your hands at least 5 times a day and avoid any surfaces that may have been touched by others (i.e. public spaces).

Those with skin prone to sensitivity, dryness and irritation face a difficult battle to keep up with the recommended handwashing without drying out or irritating their skin. The intensity of constant handwashing reduces the existing essential fatty acids in the skin resulting in skin that is even more cracked and dry, leaving it more vulnerable to external hazards such as bacteria and viruses.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to maintain your skin’s natural protective barrier.

Soap that is free of SLS, alcohol, parabens and fragrances will give you the gentle yet powerful wash that you need.

Our Eczema Therapy Wash is free of these chemicals and is enriched with specially selected botanicals to allow the skin to be soothed, clean and hydrated. This, in combination with glycerin, (an essential ingredient) helps to both moisturize the skin and to lock it in.

After washing with the Eczema Therapy Wash, your hands will be left instantly clean and free of irritation.

We recommend following up with the Eczema Therapy Cream immediately afterwards to restore moisture and to keep your skin’s natural skin barrier protected.

Our CALM Eczema Therapy Cream and Therapy Wash are designed for those that suffer from extra dry, irritated and itchy skin. The combination of these two products create the ultimate method to dealing with the need for frequent handwashing without creating any further irritation.

The Ministry of Health advises washing in the following manner:
• Wet your hands under hot or cold running water (for sensitive skin it’s best to use cold) and apply soap.
• Lather the soap and rub your hands together. Get between your fingers, the back of your hands, palms, wrists and even under your fingernails. For those with long fingernails, it is advisable to use a brush to get them all the way clean.
• Continue to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
• Rinse
• And dry your hands with a clean towel or napkin.

When should I wash my hands?
• Before, during and after preparing food.
• Before eating.
• After using the restroom.
• After changing diapers or helping a child go to the bathroom.
• After coughing, sneezing or blowing one’s nose.
• After contact with an animal or animal feces.
• After touching the garbage.
• Before and after treating any open wounds.

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