This Anti-Dandruff Kit is Driving Everyone Crazy. Here's Why

It all starts with cleaning. You'll be surprised to discover the ingredient responsible for thorough cleansing of the scalp is actually a plant called soapberry – "nature's soap".

Inside this plant are saponins, these have natural lathering attributes. Soapberry is also rich with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal attributes.

The natural foam produced by this plant is pretty amazing, as it cleanses the scalp and hair, and keeps the microbes away - and it does all that on its own, straight out of nature!

Dandruff occurs when the scalp’s natural state has become unbalanced, causing dead skin cells to “flake” from the scalp.

Kamedis' shampoo deals with this exact issue, and helps bring the scalp back to its natural, healthy balance.

Another plant found in the shampoo is Indigo, that has proven to be effective in preventing the increase of skin cells.

This is a critical element when creating a solution that will reduce dandruff and ultimately, make them go away.

When Science and Nature Come Together – You See the Results

Our products combine multiple ingredients to create the best treatment for dandruff.

Our Dandruff Shampoo does this with the use of Zinc Pyrithione and Salicilic Acid.

Zinc Pyrithione is an efficient substance that has fungistatic bacteriostatic properties and is used for treatment of one of the most prominent factors for dandruff - Malassezia Fungai.

Alongside it, salicylic acid, an ingredient which originates in the willow tree and assists in removing the outer layer of the skin, and as such successfully helps treat dandruff.

But not only are you getting a powerful and effective shampoo to treat your dandruff, but you are also getting our popular and one-of-a-kind CONTROL Scalp Lotion.

Kamedis' Scalp Lotion cream works with your skin to provide a quick, effective and long-lasting relief from a flaky, irritated, red or itchy scalp.

Unlike anything else you’ll see in the market, this Scalp Lotion is a leave-on, overnight treatment that will literally work on your scalp while you sleep!

Our shampoo and scalp lotion are the ultimate anti-dandruff kit. They work together to battle dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and to purify your scalp.

Give your skin what it needs, and return it to its natural, healthy balance.


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