Spring Triggers for Eczema Flare-Ups

Spring time is finally upon us! For our wardrobe, it’s exciting but for our eczema, it can be very stressful! Watch out for these flare-up triggers this spring and try our tips for calming your eczema and preventing avoidable suffering!

1.     Cleaning Products: Doing some spring cleaning? You’re not alone! The harsh chemicals used in different cleaners can cause irritation to your skin if not protected correctly. 

> KAMEDIS TIP: Use thick, quality gloves that reach up to your elbows for full coverage when you clean. Try wearing clothes that cover up your sensitive areas of the skin, wear shoes when cleaning the floors, and take a shower soon after cleaning to make sure you don’t accidentally spread any chemical residue.

2.    Pollen | Grass | Dust: Yay! Finally the sun is out and we can start spending more time outdoors. For some however, this new option of being outside can come with restrictions. Flare-ups can be caused from all the new flowers and pollen in the air, they can come from time spent in the grass, and also (as always) from dust in the air. 

> KAMEDIS TIP: Dress in clothes that cover your eczema sensitive areas and try going for clothes that don’t hug the skin and are of a softer material. This will allow your skin to breathe while being protected from pollen, grass and dust.

3.    Changes in the Weather: As we transition from winter to summer, it’s not unusual to get back to back days of rain and sunshine. These constant changes in the weather can cause your skin to get irritated and dry, causing an eczema flare up. 

> KAMEDIS TIP: Since weather is out of our control, it’s a good thing that we can control our skincare. Use our Eczema Therapy Cream and Eczema Therapy Wash to care for your skin and to soothe and moisturize for both instant and long term relief.

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