Skinimalism #101

Written by: Jale Sirem - Senior Director of Sales and Business Development

Read this if you are:

a)      Ready to question your skincare routine

b)     Intrigued with the idea of minimalism

Let’s be real for a second. If you live by your 12-step routine and aren’t open to making any sort of adjustment, this is not for you. However, if you want to alter, modify, and rethink what you are putting on your skin and how it affects the bigger picture, keep reading! 

Disclaimer alert! I personally love the amazing skincare innovations, versatility in cosmetics, beauty, fashion, styling, you name it. I have certainly completed my “Ph.D.” in K-beauty via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Iherb, and Amazon… over the course of five years. With this in mind, I am by no mean trying to brag or judge anyone’s skincare choices. Recently, however, I have woken up from the extreme skincare consumerism I thrived by and would like to share my 2 cents about it.


12-step skincare routines are being used by millions, creating an excessive need to buy more and more products that your skin might not necessarily need.

Let’s put it this way: Do you wear a sweater, vest, coat, and scarf when you are not feeling cold? Probably not. So why should our skin wear layer after layer?

So what is “Skinimalism”?  Well… it’s a growing trend of minimalistic skincare. It is about choosing our skincare products mindfully, understanding our own skin, what we are putting on it, and buying quality, trustworthy, science-driven products that will do the job they promise. Skincare should be customized to your skin’s 'actual' needs. Your skin will be perfectly healthy if you provide what it requires. If you overdo it, you can, irritate your skin, cause an allergic reaction, break the skin’s barrier, and actually do more harm than good. 

I know how attractive it is to see that influencer talking about another amazing product. But take a deep breath and ask, ‘does my skin really need this?’ 

Consumerism is powerful enough as it is. When we buy clothing, food, accessories, etc; it catches us completely off guard. We want to be responsible for our planet, so we buy clean beauty products, recyclable packaging, waterless shampoos. But you know what is actually sustainable? Avoiding products, we don’t need. 

Now, apart from the philosophy of sustainability, let’s talk about the skincare industry. I see a distinct division between two different types of approaches. There are companies like The Ordinary and Inkey List who do a great job at selling ingredient-based products allowing the consumers to become educated (we had a lot of time in COVID isolations just for that!) on what to use, how to combine products, and to layer after layer. We all started to purchase dozens of products like Niacinamide, Ceramides, Salicylic Acid and became in-house chemists. 


And then, there are companies like Kamedis and many others of course who take a different approach. We (Kamedis) specifically formulate our products to care for the skin’s needs through a holistic approach. For example, our Eczema Therapy  Cream will provide anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, anti-redness thanks to the different combinations of botanicals and other nutrient-dense ingredients. When you use this product, you receive most of the benefits your skin actually needs. Then, you don’t have to apply another layer of moisture, or anti-redness serum, because it’s already included in the formula. 

There is no right or wrong here. But we at Kamedis are advocates of simple, sustainable, and affordable skincare for the wellbeing of people. We have a curated, simple, yet carefully selected portfolio of products that are a necessity for treating skin conditions in an optimal way. We purposefully choose each ingredient to treat the root cause and symptoms. Our products are great not just because they are formulated with unique botanicals, but because they actually work. 

How do we know they work? Because we test them and clinically prove their efficacy. When you use such high-quality, well-formulated products, you don’t need duplicate actions in your routine.  And if I managed to cause you to buy one less product, I did my job! 



  • @ George Miskin. We recommend our Eczema Therapy Wash and Cream. For details:

    Kamedis Dermatology
  • Do you have facial wash products for men that doesn’t dry out the skin & eliminates redness? Please advise?

    George Miskin

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