Other Reasons You Might Have Dry Skin

When you’re not used to having dry skin, it can be puzzling when you’re all of a sudden hit with dry, flaky and tight skin. How did this happen? How can I treat it? We created a list below of some of the common causes of dry skin and how to counteract to get your skin looking hydrated once again!

Sunshine: No brainer, the sun dries up our skin! Make sure to wear sunscreen while exposed to the sun for long periods of time – not forgetting to reapply. Even if you’re not planning on spending time outside, it’s still beneficial to wear sunscreen under your makeup or even makeup that has SPF in it. And always drink lots of water! (Spoiler: drinking lots of water is always a good idea for correcting dry skin, no matter the culprit).

Heaters: This is a big one during the wintertime. Heaters (of any kind) soak up all the hydration from your skin leaving behind a very dry complexion. Try limiting the use of a heater – warm fuzzy socks help! – drink lots of water and use a good moisturizer.

Dehydration: It’s easy during the colder months to forget to drink water between the coffee and hot chocolate but it’s essential to avoiding dehydration. During the summer it’s easier to remember but we also need even more water that usual when we’re spending lots of time out in the sun.

Hot Showers: Although showering with super-hot water is the best and preferred by most, this can actually dry out your skin, especially if you’re not also moisturizing right after the shower (which you should always be doing). The hot water opens up your pores and evaporates quicker than warm water, thus evaporating with it our own natural skin moisture. Try showering with water that is not as hot and taking a shorter shower while following up with a good moisturizer. Kamedis’ Eczema Therapy Cream is a great choice when it comes to picking a lotion that absorbs up into the skin and leaves it feeling hydrated and nourished after your shower.

Weather: The weather is out of our control so it’s important we moisturize and take care of our skin in all the ways we do have control – as mentioned above. If it’s cold and dry out, we monitor our use of heaters and use a good moisturizer, if it’s hot and sunny we make sure our skin is protected by SPF. And always no matter the weather, we make sure we are well hydrated!

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