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Mental Health Influences your Skin Health 

Mental Health Awareness Day is a great opportunity to remind us that not only should we be taking good care of our mental health, but that our mental health certainly has an influence over our physical health including our skin. Over the years, Kamedis has made it it’s mission to help our clients not only relieve various skin conditions, but make sure they have a helping hand when it comes overall skin health. Our clinical trials, research and patents have allowed us to understand the connection between mental health and the overall well-being our skin health. 

People have defined this era in which live in various ways. Some call this period the post-modern period, some have even gone a step furtherer and called the post-human period. However, you see fit, what is certain is that there is a broad conesus that we are living in a time where technology has revolutionized the way we live. This is seen especially true in medicine and that includes treatment for our skin. 

The Health of our Body and Mind Overlap

As scientific research progresses overtime, more treatment options are becoming available for a wide variety of medical conditions. At the same time however, scientists are constantly discovering new conditions not known in the past to humankind. This true when it comes to infectious diseases, but even more prevalent when it comes to autoimmune diseases (including skin conditions). The post-modern social concept (as we have discussed earlier) influences much of western medicine. However, its origins can be found in the East, where many ideologies see man as a figure connecting the soul and the body. 

Mental Health and Skin Health: How are they related?

The connection between mental and physical health and therefore skin health has been proven in quite a few studies over the years. Such a study was published in 2013, examining whether psychological intervention can alleviate the symptoms of skin diseases. This study among others found that positive psychological intervention can certainly help. Methods such as guided imagery and meditation proved to help relieve patients and reduce symptoms of the disease reviewed. 

Logically, various skin conditions can cause anxiety. Just think of a parent who has to send their child to kindergarten with constant psoriasis symptoms or a teenager who suffers from Eczema or even well-known acne and must sit in class worrying about what people think. The most challenging thing about anxiety and the skin is that it can create this snowball effect that can exacerbate the condition of the skin and the anxiety. Many of our clients for example have shared that their skin disease/condition broke out during a mental crisis our during very specific times in their lives where they experienced high levels of stress or anxiety. That being said, we understand that the state our skin sometimes reflects the state of the mind and vice versa. 

There is No Replacement for Listening to our Body

Let’s look at the following scenario: An attending physician receives a patient, examines them, asks them various questions, writes down his recommendations, and directs the patient to purchase prescribed medication or relevant treatment. In this scenario, the doctor is the so called ‘director’ of the event, but what happens when you experience something and don’t have time to see the doctor or would prefer alternative treatment for the symptoms experienced? This is exactly when listening to our body and inner self comes in handy. Sometimes, we can understand what our body needs, leading us to restore our mental balance and therefore restoring our physical and skin health. 

Accepting our Imperfections 

When interviewing one our clients, Adi Kleinberg, who has dealt with Atopic Dermatitis her whole life, we asked if she was able to take anything positive away from her experience with her skin condition, she said “I think it’s that thanks to this that I have learned to over the years to accept myself ‘despite’ this so called ‘limitation’.” To accept your imperfections is to love your yourself, your body, and your soul.

Adi, like many of our clients, says that the combination of maintaining positive mental health, a healthy lifestyle, and using Kamedis skincare products have helped her manage her medical condition in the most effective way. Kamedis products are safe to use, have no known side effects, help restore the balance of our skin, and gives us peace of mind.

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