5 Key Tips to Preventing Maskne

Mask acne (or Maskne) is no joke. We’re all victims to sudden pimples and breakouts right in the area around our mouths due to wearing our protective masks

Since not wearing our masks isn’t an option – here are some key tips to preventing maskne.

5 Key Tips to Preventing Maskne

1. If you’re using a disposable mask, don’t reuse it!
2. Don’t wear makeup or heavy moisturizers/oils on that area of the skin.
3. Cleanse your face both in the morning and the evening when you remove your mask for the day.
4. Avoid using harsh ingredients that strip the skin.
5. If you’re wearing your mask for hours at a time, use a gentle cleanser to wash every so often.

    Although we can’t avoid wearing our masks when we head outside, we can try to prevent acne breakouts. 

    Our gentle yet thorough Acne Kit has all the essentials you need to keep your skin healthy and clear of pimples and blemishes.

    Keep to these 5 key tips, use Kamedis’ 3-Piece Acne Kit, and stay positive!




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