Keeping Healthy Feet For Training and Fitness

How Healthy Feet Are Important For Training and Fitness?

Most of the people choose to maintain their fitness level year-round these days. Skin problems are inevitable under these circumstances as the skin gets exposed to cold temperatures as well as extreme heat while you train to achieve your fitness goals. Maintaining healthy feet is vitally important for athletes to prevent training interruptions, enhance performance, and stave off more serious health issues caused by extreme heat or cold. So, let’s take you through some skin problems and how to avoid them in order to maintain healthy feet for training.


Athletes such as hockey players, skaters, snowboarders, skiers, etc. often suffer from a condition called contact dermatitis that makes skin red or inflamed after contact with an allergen or an irritant. It can be caused due to sweating and rubbing by tight shoes and sweaty socks in cold weather. However, this condition can be avoided through proper care and attention.

Callused Toes and Soles

Another condition which is most common in runners is that of callused toes and feet. This is a painful condition which causes the runners to favor un-callused areas of the feet during runs and strain the lower body while doing so. Calluses can quickly lead to small cracks in the feet called fissures which are susceptible to infection.

Kamedis’ Foot Gel

These conditions can be avoided by keeping your feet moisturized and maintained without the formation of calluses and cracked heels.  For that, leading podiatrists recommend Kamedis’ foot gel. This hydrating gel nourishes and moisturizes the dry and cracked skin on the soles and heels and improves the texture of the skin by locking in the natural moisture of the body and combat dry skin that leads to rough heels.

So, look after your feet and give them proper attention to avoid any problems and conditions that might lead to interruptions in your training sessions. Visit our website for further details about the hydrating foot gel.


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