Adult Acne: How to Treat it and Prevent Reoccurrence Long-Term

Acne is the most common skin condition in the world. It is commonly characterized by black and white lesions, purulent wounds, and sometimes cysts; usually when the skin is red and sore. Acne affects not only teens but adults, especially adult women. So, what are the causes of adult acne and how can they be treated?

What we are going to cover:

  • What is Acne?
  • What are the causes of pimples in adults?
  • What is the difference between acne and pimples?
  • What are the different types of acne?
  • What to know when undergoing treatment.
  • Can a balanced diet help reduce acne?
  • What is the best skincare routine to treat acne?
  • How and which Kamedis products can help?

How is Acne defined?

Acne can appear in areas with multiple sebaceous glands in the body such as the chest, back, and of course, the face. Acne can appear in the form of inflamed and purulent sores, in the form of black and white spots (comedones), or in the form of abscess - a purulent area surrounded by dead tissue located under the skin.

How is Acne recognized in adults?

Generally speaking, adolescents typically experience acne in the chin and cheek area. In adults, however, acne will be seen in the lower check & face area, jawline, and neck. Adult acne is usually characterized by pimples and less by white and blackheads. 

What are the causes of Adult Acne?

As of 2022, there is still no definitive cause for adult acne, however, science has pointed to the following common causes:

Overactivity of the sebaceous glands: 
Hormonal imbalance can use the dysfunction of the sebaceous glands. It is typically experienced during adolescence but can be experienced in adulthood. When our hormones are imbalanced, the overactivity of the sebaceous glands produces skin reactions. The glands will secrete the fat that comes into contact with dead skin cells, leading to the clogging of the pores and the formation of pimples.

Hormonal Activity in Adult Females:
In general, adult women tend to suffer more from acne than men. This is due to increased hormonal activity that women experience during menstruation, pregnancy, and while breastfeeding. Sometimes, once any form of medication is stopped, the body’s hormones become unbalanced and can cause the sebaceous glands to fall out of line causing outbreaks. Unfortunately, women are at a higher risk of acne than the rest of the population.

Taking Steroids:
Any form of medication can stimulate the hormonal system in the body, especially when referring to steroids (cortisone). Unlike typical acne that appears on the skin in varying stages of development, acne sores that appears after taking steroids generally looks the same. 

Studies in recent years have been able to prove a strong link between mental stress and the appearance of acne. Such studies have demonstrated that mental stress or anxiety increases the chances of breakouts not only in teenagers but in adults as well. Mental stress and anxiety cause an increase in the level of cortisol leading the overactivity of the sebaceous glands in the body. 

Recommended Steps to Treat Acne:

Before we jump into treatments, it is important to understand that we are speaking about long-term treatments. Adults who suffer from acne can continue to experience this as late as 30,40, and even 50 years old. Acne treatment is divided into the following categories: local, pharmacological, or hormonal. 

Topical Acne Treatment:
A proper skin-care routine for acne-prone skin should be maintained beginning with a cleanser suited for oily, acne-prone skin followed by a non-greasy moisturizer, and spot treatment of some sort.

Medical Treatment of Acne:
This is a hormonal or antibiotic form of treatment generally administered through medication. For women, birth control pills are one way of treating acne (consult with your doctor first) as they affect the hormonal balance in the body. 

Key Points to look out for during Acne Treatment:

Choosing Products that do not Clog your Pores:
Various cosmetic and make-up products can contain harmful substances. That is why similar to medication, it is essential to choose products that do not over-clog your pores. In addition, it is important to not over-cleanse your skin. 

Dr. Eitan Berman, a leading dermatologist and consultant to Kamedis with numerous years of experience in the field of skin condition treatment explains, “Many people tend to think that cleansing the face many times a day will help reduce oiliness and pimples. The truth is quite the opposite: over-cleansing the face can cause an increase in the oil production in the skin as compensation for its “removal”. It is therefore advisable to wash the skin with a cleanser suitable for oily and acne-prone skin which does not overly dry out the skin and helps reduce the excess sebum that causes acne breakouts. The face should not be cleansed more than twice a day (morning and evening). 

Keeping your Skin Hydrated and Moisturized:
Dr. Berman explains: “the level of moisture and natural balance of the skin is very important in oily skin that is prone to acne breakouts and pimples. It is recommended to choose a water-based cream and not an oil-based one. An oil-based cream can block the pores of the skin causing breakouts to increase. 

Can a Proper Diet Help Prevent Acne?

Studies conducted in the United States, Italy, and Malaysia found that there was a link between consuming cow’s milk and an increase of acne lesions in children and adults. The data displayed a drastic increase of 44% of such symptoms.

Food with a high glycemic value like pasta, bread, or rice can cause an increase in androgens (a hormone similar to testosterone) and influence the appearance of acne. It is best to disqualify food that is known to cause breakouts(of course based on an individual level). Tracking your food intake and quantities consumed can be helpful in maintaining the necessary nutrition needed. 

What Skin-Care Routine can help treat and Prevent Acne?

  • Use a paraben-free moisturizer with no artificial coloring. 
  • Avoid using oil-based cosmetics products and make-up
  • Rinse the face using a gentle cleanser in lukewarm water no more than twice a day. 
  • Avoid overly scrubbing your skin with cleansing. 
  • Do not pop your pimples and avoid scratching your face. These actions can cause secondary infections and scarring. 

How can Kamedis Products assist in Treating Adult Acne? 

As we get older, our skin becomes less resilient and therefore we want to be less aggressive with it during treatment. Irritation, redness, and dryness are some of the side effects that can result following a wide range of treatments, no matter how effective they are.

We at Kamedis have invested great efforts to make sure our treatments are effective and to consider the what is needed to maintain the natural balance of the skin. Kamedis products are enriched with a combination of natural plant extracts, and salicylic acid - an effective ingredient used in the treatment of acne and breakouts. 

Long-Term Balanced Skin with no Unnecessary Side Effects: herbal-based formulas are a safe solution because they avoid the unnecessary side effects  thorough combination of molecules working together. This combination is incorporated into our formula to relieve the symptoms of acne and increase the therapeutic effect. 

How does the Kamedis AC-Clear series work?

Our products are based on a synergic combination of plant extract as opposed to chemical compounds; therefore, the molecular activity is selective. 

What does that actually mean?

In antibiotic treatments for example the antibiotics destroy the bad bacteria, but they can also destroy the good bacteria whose function is to maintain the natural balance of the skin.

The herbal mechanisms we have developed have combined prebiotic and antibacterial properties lowering the risk of problematic reactions and side effects. The products attack the bad bacteria and encourage the natural growth of the good bacteria. 

Kamedis offers a comprehensive solution for treating breakouts and acne-prone skin. The ACNE kit includes a cleanser, a non-greasy moisturizer, and spot treatment. 

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