Getting Back Into Routine

Whether or not you fall into the category of “student” or “teacher”, September is a transitional period from a summer full of camping, BBQ’s, beach days and sunrays to…. Reality.

During the summer there was probably a lot of long nights spent making s’mores by the campfire or drinking lemonade on the porch (my ideal summer evening is obviously straight from a Nicolas Sparks book). But fall is for getting back into a normal sleep schedule, remembering to wash my face and hair before going to bed and not putting it off, making normal meals and realizing that flip flops are no longer an excusable form of footwear.

Here’s a list of a few things I do to help me get back into routine that might help for you!

1.      Set a reminder for when it’s time to start getting ready for bed

a.      This helps me get back into the routine of going to sleep at a constant hour. It also lets me set aside time to take care of myself (whether that’s washing my face, taking a shower or changing the sheets)

2.      Pick out a good book

a.      Here’s another late night tip! Although picking up a good book is always a good idea, adding it to your nightly routine can greatly improve your overall sleep! Not only is reading a better choice than watching TV or playing on your phone (any screen really) but it’s a great way to decompress and destress before falling asleep.

3.      Meal plan

a.      Writing up a list of meals I plan to make during a given week helps me a lot with planning, organization and destressing. This way I know what groceries I need to shop for, and I know ahead of time what I plan on making and don’t need to stress.

4.      Mark it down     

a.      It’s calendar time! Whether you use google calendar, your phone’s calendar, your email’s calendar or a plain, old wall calendar. Use it! Write down all the events, birthdays and plans you have coming up. Organize your months, weeks and days! Using a calendar is an awesome way to get yourself back into routine. Having your days written out will allow you to create a routine that fits you and your schedule.

Lastly, start the countdown until the winter holiday season begins because we all know that’s what really keeps us sane! But until then, keep your stress levels low and your productivity high by getting back into routine for the next few months.

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