Finding the Right Cleanser for your Skin can Make all the Difference in the World

A major step and most often the first of a skincare routine is cleansing. Skipping this step can be detrimental to your skin as cleansing helps remove sebum, makeup, sunscreen, and dead skin cells. Ingredients in your cleanser help prepare your skin to absorb the ones following in your next steps where serums, moisturizers, and creams are usually applied

When Should I cleanse my face? 

Cleansing should be done in the morning, in the evening to close out your day, and after excessive sweating. Keep in mind you should be cleansing with lukewarm water for just about sixty seconds and gently pat dry your face with a clean towel.

How do I know which cleanser is right for me?

With so many cleansers out there, sometimes it can be challenging to find the right one for your skin type. Some prefer cleansers that are mineral-based, some fragrance-free, some with the most basic ingredients, and some with all of the above. Let’s break down some of the most common skin types and see how Kamedis can find the right cleanser for you for some of these skin types.

Dry to very dry Skin 

The key focus in dry skin is finding a cleanser that will…well not make it dryer. We want to make sure you get a product that does the job and keeps your skin hydrated and plump. Something that is a little thicker in texture can help, or a light gel that will not make your skin tighter. We recommend the Eczema Therapy Wash. 

It is formulated with our unique herbal extracts including purslane, soap nut, and glycerin for hydration. It is fragrance-free, contains zero dyes & SLS, and meets the needs of skin ranging from semi-dry to extremely dry levels (Eczema or Eczema-prone skin). It gives the skin that gentle and pure relief for those suffering from dryness. It can’t get better than that!

Oily Skin 

Oily skin usually displays shininess and some greasiness. For oily skin, it is essential to have a cleanser that can remove all the excess dirt without drying it out, leaving it as clean as possible without causing any further irritation. Remember that oily skin needs to stay hydrated as well. The biggest mistake people with oily skin make is over-drying their skin. The right level of hydration does not equal more oiliness and is key to maintaining the skin’s natural balance, preventing future breakouts.

To help treat oily and acne-prone skin, we recommend our Acne face cleanser. It is formulated with salicylic acid and focused on helping the skin shed dead cells from the top layer. It provides a unique combination of probiotic botanicals giving your skin a deep clean while removing excess oil and maintaining the skin’s natural balance.


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