Eczema Awareness Month

Eczema is when patches of skin becomes dry, rough and irritated. It is also typically itchy and can even bleed. Eczema can come from external triggers or no triggers at all. It is often seen in babies and young children but that in no way means a lot of adults aren’t affected either.

Caring for eczema is unique to each individual. From milder cases to severe, some use over the counter products, others could be using prescription and there’s even those that turn to steroids. Finding products like Kamedis’ Eczema Therapy Cream and Wash that are safe for babies and tough for adults ensure you are receiving treatment that won’t damage your skin and will help protect it from further irritations.

Zero complaints. Eczema warriors are of the toughest kind. They are embracing their eczema as a part of them and not allowing others to bring them shame or giving up on finding a solution. If you are suffering from eczema and feeling alone in the process of finding a solution, YOU’RE NOT ALONE! A simple search on Instagram will show you many accounts dedicated to building each other up and creating a community to share your struggles, hopes and journey.

Everyone with eczema is looking for a solution, not just a product. Long term relief, not just quick results. Kamedis’ provides a duo solution in the form of a Wash and a Cream that provide the quick instant relief while also hydrating and nourishing the skin to create a protective layer that ensures long term resilience.

Mothers with young newborns that are suffering from eczema are usually, for the right reasons, stressed to find products that will be gentle on their baby’s skin without irritating it any further. Kamedis’ Eczema Therapy Cream is safe for newborns and Kamedis’ Eczema Therapy Wash is safe for babies aged 6 months and older! We know that finding the best treatment for eczema is important to those suffering from it and also to those to whom it affects the ones they love dearly.

Always here for you. With Kamedis you can be certain that your well-being, healing and relief is what comes first. For any questions concerning our products, brands or eczema in general, feel free to reach out to us at You’re not alone!

In honor of Eczema Awareness Month this October, we are offering a discount code of 15% off all our Eczema products. Use code: EAM15 at checkout!

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