Common Moisturizer Myths Busted!

By Jale Sirem 

Skincare might be confusing. From the advice we receive from the skincare industry to the endless resources from Dr. Google, there is a lot of conflicting information.

Let’s get the record straight: Moisture is a must-have for healthy skin. In case of insufficient moisture, your skin will start giving you signs of discomfort. Skin without moisture won’t feel or look healthy. 

So, what’s a moisturizer? Believe it or not, it’s a product designed to moisturize your skin. How does it do that? First by increasing hydration levels and then by repairing its natural protective barrier – your skin’s shield responsible for locking in the moisture. When the skin barrier is damaged, the moisture will simply escape, making your skin dull, dehydrated, and prone to sensitivities, inflammation, redness, aging, acne…you name it. Don’t mess with that barrier!

Now, let’s talk about some of the common myths regarding moisturizers and settle them once and for all.

 Myth # 1 Oily skin doesn’t need to be moisturized

The Truth: It needs to be moisturized! Do you know what will happen if you don’t moisturize your precious skin? It’ll produce more oil! Your skin will be dehydrated, feel tight and shine bright ... (no, not like a diamond). Therefore, we design moisturizers for oily skin that are water-based and customized to meet the specific needs of oily skin prone to pimples and blemishes. It will provide you the hydration and all the amazing replenishing ingredients you need, will protect your skin barrier, and regulate oil levels, for ‘balanced’ skin. (aka #ACNE Face Moisturizer)

Myth #2 You need different moisturizers for different parts of the body

The Truth: It depends. Can different areas of the body require different treatments? I know it sounds weird but let me explain. Can you have an oily face and chapped hands? Oh, yeah. Would you want to use the same moisturizer for both? Hmm, up to you, not sure it will fix those hands though. Can you use that super nourishing fragrance-free eczema cream for both your face and on your elbows? Definitely! Not to mention, we use a minimalistic approach when creating our formulas #Eczema Therapy Cream.

Myth #3 Your skin might get addicted to moisturizers

The Truth: Are you addicted to water because you drink it every day? Quite the contrary. For healthy skin, you will want to apply moisturizer every day. If you don’t, you will simply lack the necessary traits for healthy and balanced skin. No need to overdo, no need to layer moisturizer after moisturizer, simply give your skin that TLC on daily basis. 

Myth #4 Clean your face, dry it, and apply moisturizer

The Truth: Slight correction. Clean that face, keep it slightly damp, grab your moisturizer and apply it while still damp. Your moisturizer will lock in that beautiful hydration, making your skin soft and satisfied. Next time you shower, make sure to apply that moisturizer right after, then hang around in your bathrobe as much as you want.

Myth #5 Not every climate requires a specific moisturizer

The Truth: Objection, your honor! I guess we all agree that cold weather will dry out your skin. However, when we talk about hot and humid climates, not everyone seems to agree. The summer heat will cause your skin’s hydration to evaporate and if you don’t help it by applying the right moisturizer, your skin barrier can break which will cause inflammation, sensitivity, redness, and all that jazz. And don’t forget how the air conditioning will dry out your skin too. So basically, in the hot or cold, we commit to moisturizing. The idea is to choose a moisturizer according to climate. For example, ingredients like glycerin are perfect humectants (=hydrating). Look for light formulas during summer.



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