Calming Lotion is BACK!

If you’re like me, and already know and love Kamedis’ calming lotion then you were just as psyched as me to find out the product is back in stock! For those of you who don’t yet know the wonders – and straight up, powers – of this product, let me tell you what’s what. 

 First Awesome Fun Fact: This product instantly and I mean instantly relieves itchy mosquito bites! Whether it’s for me, my husband or my kids, we simply can’t leave the house without packing this with us. Especially now with summer around the corner and plans of hiking, camping and outdoor trips in the books, it’s perfect time to stock up each family member with enough calming lotion to last them the entire season! 

 Second Awesome Fun Fact: It is small and packable! You can bring this lotion with you anywhere do to its fun size! It fits in my kids backpacks, easily fits in my purse, and my husband keeps his in his car. Making this product easily accessible no matter where we are when we need itch relief. 

 Third Awesome Fun Fact: This product is free of steroids, fragrances, parabens and dyes. Which is something that has always been important for me when using products on my kids. 

 So there you have it, the three reasons why I’m super psyched that Kamedis’ Calming Lotion is back in stock!


  • I want to order 5 tubes of Calming Lotion. How do I do that?

    Gila Gilboa
  • Where can I buy your products?

    Barb Franczyk
  • Can you use this calming lotion on the scalp as well?

    Janis Lovullo

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