Tips to Avoiding Bedhead!

Having a bad hair day? Happens to all of us! Sometimes we can’t help waking up with major bedhead but what if we could reduce the number of days we reach for a hat?

Here are some tips to avoid having a bad hair day:

Try not to wash your hair every day!

You don’t need to wash your hair everyday to be clean.  In fact, the combination of hot water and shampoo can result in the scalp becoming dry and causing dandruff.  When you wash your hair and scalp daily, you are stripping the natural oils.  This triggers the scalp to produce more oil and your hair gets greasier, faster.

Make sure to really lather shampoo into your scalp for deep and full cleaning.

When you do wash your hair, it’s important to really get in there and massage the shampoo into your scalp. This is the time to clean out all the dirt and excess oils on your scalp. Try Kamedis Dandruff Therapy Shampoo for deep scalp cleaning to relieve itchiness, irritation and dandruff.

Brush hair before bed.

Getting all the knots out before hitting the pillow is a good way to minimize the chance of waking up with major bedhead.

Loose braid or top knot.

Doing one of these hairdos before going to bed can help keep your hair in place when you sleep and can make it easier to style the next morning.

Try going to sleep with dry hair.

I love taking showers right before bed so this tip won’t help me so much, but it’s said that wet hair is more vulnerable to getting tangled and frizzled while you toss and turn at night.

Hope these tips help! If you have tips on how to beat bedhead then please let us know!

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  • I use a satin pillowcase, which cuts down on the friction. Now that I have gotten used to it, regular pillowcases seem harsh to me. I have very short thick coarse hair & try to only wash it every other day. I also use a paddle brush (don’t want to name the brand) but it has little nubbins of chenille between the bristles. It was advertised as a way to absorb moisture to make it faster to dry your hair, but I use it in the opposite direction. I sprinkle a little water on it, then brush my hair with it, which seems to add just enough moisture to tame the occasional unruly cowlick that sticks up.

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