Avoiding Acne this Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Halloween always seems to wreak havoc on my skin and it always shows in the days following… I’ve broken these breakouts down to two culprits: costume makeup and sweets! Since I always seem to lean towards costumes that require a full face (see pic of sugar skull for reference!), and I am a sucker for mini Snickers, avoiding blocked pores is not in the cards for me. So this year I am preparing myself in every way possible so I can still enjoy all the best parts of Halloween (chocolate!!!) and not have my skin pay too harshly for it afterwards.

Here’s my plans for tonight’s rendezvous in keeping my skin healthy and happy:

Thoroughly cleaning my skin, and applying a good spot treatment and moisturizer that contain salicylic acid before getting ready. That way I will know my skin has protection underneath all of the thick costume makeup. This is really all I can do on Halloween in terms of products since applying any more after doing my makeup would ruin it! However, I would recommend others who aren’t using costume makeup to keep with them an acne treatment moisturizer to apply as you party hardy, make your candy rounds, or hand out treats.

My last tidbit could be to limit the amount of sweets/chocolate intake on Halloween (since sugary foods can be linked back to acne breakouts), but really, that would take away all the fun and the whole point of Halloween!

So have a very happy and spooky Halloween! Treat your skin to a good cleansing before and after your Halloween festivities to minimize the chance of starting out your November with a nasty breakout.

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