Are You Suffering from Dandruff? Have You Had Enough? You Should Read This

We get it, dandruff is no fun.

Incessant itching… Flakes falling on your shoulders and sticking to your clothes...

You’re not alone.

1 in 2 people in the world have suffered from dandruff at some point in their lives. Half of the population!

At Kamedis we have developed an Anti-Dandruff kit that provides the ultimate treatment for an itchy and flaky scalp that is both quick and effective.

We’re so confident in the abilities of our Anti-Dandruff kit because we can be! Our clinical studies proved these results:

  1. Significant decrease of dandruff after only 2 weeks
  2. 90% of the subjects were satisfied with the texture, smell and feeling of the scalp after use

What Makes This Kit Unique?

Our Anti-Dandruff kit was developed using a unique technology available only to us in our Kamedis labs.

This technology is called Control Botaniplex™ system, and it is a patent pending skin restoring system.

This system features a synergistic combination of botanicals with multiple biological effects that restore the skin's natural moisture barrier.

Combined with these TCM botanicals are other powerful ingredients such as Zinc Pyrithione and Salicilic Acid to really tackle the itching, flaking and irritation from all angles.

All of these ingredients work to reduce dandruff and other scalp related issues while also working to return the skin to it’s natural barrier – and without any side effects.

What Our Customers Say


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