Acne Awareness Month Tips & Tricks

Acne Awareness Month Tips & Tricks to Avoiding Acne!

1.     Consume a lot of H2O to flush impurities from your system. By eating more water-rich foods such as raw fruits and vegetables, you can help support your body’s natural mechanism for purifying and detoxification. Or you can go right to the source and increase how much water you drink! It’s recommended to drink about 8 cups a day. Stay hydrated!

2.     Eat foods full of Vitamins A and C, Zinc and Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). Your skin can be more vulnerable to breakouts if you have vitamin deficiency, especially Zinc, Vitamin C and Essential Fatty Acids. Some examples of this are broccoli, spinach, almonds, eggs, dark chocolate, garlic…

3.     Try not to stress. Stress can lead to acne and can make existing acne flare-ups worse. Take time for yourself each day and relax. What’s good for your mind is good for your body too. This goes hand in hand with sleep. People who sleep less tend to be more stressed and agitated, leading to breakouts. Avoid this by relaxing before bedtime and getting a full 8 hours of sleep!

4.     Eat healthy. Unhealthy eating in general can contribute to unclear skin. Try to avoid foods that are high in grease and fat. You don’t need to completely cut them out of your diet (who can take a hard pass on pizza?? Not me!), just try to eat a balanced diet that focuses more on food that has great health benefits. (You can use tip #4 as a starter point!).

5.     Before and after doing an activity that will get you sweaty, take a shower/wash your face and body. Exercise is a great way to help keep skin clear. Breaking a sweat helps to flush the body of toxins. But make sure to thoroughly wash any dirt or makeup off beforehand and to wash off the toxins from your sweat once you are done by taking a warm shower and using a gentle, exfoliating cleanser after you work out.

6.     Use a clean pillowcase. Changing your pillowcase frequently can help reduce your skin’s exposure to acne-causing agents like bacteria, dust and makeup. So even though you might wash your face every evening before going to bed, you might also be putting your face in direct contact with all the germs that will lead to breakouts for 8 hours every night.

7.     Clean your cellphone. Think of all the places your cellphone goes during the day – your purse, your desk, the counter at the store, and even the bathroom sink. It can carry a collection of bacteria that you don’t want to press up against your face. Keep antibacterial wipes handy to clean your phone before it touches your face.

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