6 Reasons Why to Get This Amazing Acne Kit

Today I'm going to tell you about an acne kit that actually does what it promises.

And the best part?

The products in this kit are largely based on NATURAL ingredients which work WITH your skin rather than just on it.

Many believe that skincare products based on botanicals are probably "too weak" to really handle the issue in hand, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

These botanicals are powerful and have proven effectiveness for thousands of years, which is why we’ve selected specific botanicals to create the skin care solutions your skin needs.

So, “weak”? Try getting clearer skin in just 12 hours - because that’s what this kit gets you.


How does it work? Why does it work? Let's dive in:

1. Clearer Facial Skin in Just 12 Hours!*

We all dream about clear skin, but who thought that pimples can be reduced significantly in just 12 hours?! Kamedis' kit turns this dream into reality. All you have to do is include it in your nightly skincare routine. You'll see the difference right when you wake up!

Tip: Go to sleep on clean cotton sheets, that will benefit the treatment.

2. Glowing Skin - Inside and Out!

"I just want my acne to go away, I don't care what it takes!" - Just about every single person who has ever suffered from acne.

The good news is, with Kamedis' kit you no longer need to choose between having acne-free skin and having hydrated and nourished skin. The three products in this kit (cleanser, moisturizer and spot treatment) treat your skin in every aspect possible: they deeply cleanse the pores while simultaneously nourishing and hydrating the skin, giving it a natural, healthy glow - so your skin is not only beautiful, but healthy too!

3. Custom-Made for Oily Skin Prone to Acne

These three products work together in harmony, balancing and complementing each other's activities. They cleanse the skin without drying it out. I'm sure you've encountered acne treatments that are rather aggressive. These kinds of treatments often dry and strip the skin, leaving it tired, unhealthy and even scarred. Kamedis’ kit is different. It treats acne while nourishing your pores to keep the skin balanced.

Tip: Make sure to moisturize your face every day. Yes, even during the summer (1-3 times a day).

4. Finally! Long Term Treatment for Acne

When nature meets science, the results are both amazing and long-lasting. At Kamedis, we've spent years on both research and development of products that treat skin problems extensively. That is, our products not only improve skin on the surface, but also improve the natural balance of the skin to keep it clear and healthy long-term.

Tip: Stick to the kit's routine, it's super easy! In order to get the right results and to keep that face clear and healthy, you need to give your skin what it deserves - every day.

5. How to avoid Acne Scars You Ask?

Don't pop that zit! I know you want to, but please don't. Let our kit do it's thing, nature and science - you can count on those two! Kamedis' treatment helps you treat acne efficiently but gently, so your skin is not harmed or stripped. All you have to do is be patient, and when you think of it, 12 hours is not even that long, right?

6. Extensive Treatment that Pays Off!

What more can I say, this kit is the ultimate all-inclusive treatment. So, my tip for you is - don't add anything to it! Your skincare routine is complete with just these three products. Cleanse, moisturize and target. Get clearer skin in just 12 hours.*

Thousands have already made the change in their lives and joined the Kamedis family. These people have started their journey towards better skin - and a better life. I invite you to join us and to give your skin what it needs most.

What's So Special About Kamedis' Acne Kit?

When we at Kamedis started developing the kit that will treat oily skin prone to acne, we’ve researched what causes acne breakouts. With that in mind, we have created a line of products that work better when used together. Each product assists the other and balances its activity. The products in the kit are formulated with botanicals produced at our labs with Clear Botaniplex™ system - a patent pending skin restoring system for acne-prone skin.

What's in It?

Acne Face Cleanser

  • A lightly foaming non-stripping face wash that gently cleanses oily skin prone to acne
  • Kamedis uses an Oil-free formula to keep your complexion clear and resilient 
  • Non-drying, helps your skin return to its natural, healthy balance
  • Safe for adults and children as young as 10

Acne Face Moisturizer

  • A light moisturizer that treats pimples and blemishes
  • Clears up oily skin and acne symptoms while preventing their recurrence
  • For adults and children as young as 10

Acne Spot Treatment

  • Powerful gel treatment that clears acne breakouts and reduces spots
  • Uses a non-drying formula to reduce pimples without drying them out
  • Clinically proven to deliver clearer skin and reduce pimples in just 12 hours
  • For adults and children as young as 10

*The clinical trial showing improvement in the skin after 12 hours was performed on the Acne Spot Treatment.


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