5 Must-Haves for Every Thanksgiving Dinner Table

1.      Turkey! This is a no brainer, every thanksgiving dinner needs a turkey! If you’re a vegan/vegetarian reading this and thinking “ew, no way!”, well yes, way! Get a fake plastic turkey to place centerfold because there is no such thing as Thanksgiving without the turkey, it just feels… wrong. The exact reasoning behind eating Turkey on this holiday has been greatly debated. In fact, the only agreeable point on the topic is that the first Thanksgiving dinner didn’t include a turkey at all! After bouncing around a few different articles, I’ve come to the conclusion that turkeys were first used as the main meal due to them being easily accessible in the Plymouth area, and being a very filling meal. Later when Sarah Josepha Hale campaigned for Thanksgiving to be an official American holiday she wrote a book, Northwood, where she dedicated an entire chapter on Turkey being a huge (and delicious) part to the Thanksgiving dinner.

2.      Mashed Potatoes and Gravy. And if I may be so bold to say “Grandma’s mashed potatoes and gravy”, because Grandma’s version is always the best version! The gravy in itself is a key component to the Thanksgiving dinner. I, like many others, always wait until my entire plate has been filled before drowning it all under a thick layer of brown goodness. From what I could gather, mashed potatoes and gravy can’t be directly traced back but there us a guess that gravy came from the left over turkey juices thickening over the three day feast.

3.      Pie. I know I’m skipping forward to dessert (I will go back to the dinner portion in the next one) but this list is in accordance to importance! At least in my opinion of importance :). Now, the traditional Thanksgiving pie is usually pumpkin. I’m assuming a big part of the traditional pie being pumpkin is due to the season. I, however, make certain that my dinner table is filled with all types of pie. Pumpkin, chocolate, rhubarb, apple and pear. Thanksgiving is the holiday to eat/pig out/expand the belt and feel NO regrets! So might as well make it worth it!

4.      Going back to the dinner meal, my #4 must have Thanksgiving dinner is stuffing! Stuffing took me a really long time to enjoy and to actually include on my dinner plate. I’ve always had an issue with “mushy” textures. But stuffing has since become an important aspect to the meal. Adding some zing to the meal!

5.      Cranberry Sauce. If there’s no cranberry sauce on the table you are doing thanksgiving wrong. Anyone who has enjoyed a good shake and fries understands that sweet and salty is the perfect pair. Unlike all the other items on this list, cranberries were always known to be consumed in New England so it wouldn’t come as a surprise if cranberry sauce was apart of the first of Thanksgiving dinners.

There’s a lot more aspects to a great Thanksgiving but these are my top 5 must-have dinner items (and dessert!). You’ll also find my house with the football game on and a place where people can remove their belts, pop open the top button on their pants and lounge to digest their 200 pound meal.

Happy Thanksgiving to our Kamedis Community. This year we are thankful for YOU! And we don't want to take you away from time with your family, in-laws and football game so we're starting our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale weekend today!

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