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Extracting Nature.

Kamedis skin formulations are derived from Traditional Chinese Medicinal botanicals that have been known for hundreds and in some cases thousands of years for their healing properties.

Our highly concentrated botanical extracts don’t just work on your skin. They work with your skin, triggering your immune system to fight dermatologic disorders and help restore the skin’s natural balance more rapidly and effectively than solutions developed in a chemical lab.

Each product is the result of years of scientific study during which Kamedis explored more than 400 botanical extracts to gain an understanding of how they work. Each of the chosen extracts exhibits strong biological activity that promotes healing, both individually and in specific combinations.

You can literally see the difference when you squeeze a bit of Kamedis product onto your hand. Unlike conventional creams and lotions that derive their white, clear or bleached appearance from synthesized chemicals, Kamedis formulations have the vivid greens, ambers, sapphire and honey colors of their source plants.

What you see is what you get. And that’s a good thing.


Pure Botanicals.

Kamedis ensures the integrity and potency of each of its botanical ingredients through meticulous sourcing, extraction and purification.

Innovative extraction techniques incorporating macroporous resin chromatography produce high concentrations of each botanical to optimize the efficacy of the Kamedis product. The extraction process also removes organic salts, heavy metals and a large quantity of starch that can interfere with delivery to the skin.

All products are produced in a modern U.S. manufacturing facility with ISO 13485 (Medical Device) and 9001(Cosmetic) certifications as well as the highest quality control standards, including assessment of physical and chemical properties and microbiological testing.



Proven Biological Activity of Kamedis Extracts

  • Anti-inflammatory activity
  • Support of innate immunity
  • Anti-microbial activity
  • Prebiotic & antibiotic action
  • Anti-fungal activity
  • Itch reduction
  • Anti-proliferative activity
  • Anti-oxidative activity






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