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Welcome to Kamedis, global leader in botanical dermatology.

Recommended by world-renowned dermatologists and researchers, and validated by dozens of clinical trials, Kamedis botanical-driven products offer skin relief to consumers worldwide.

Our mission: we are committed to treat and improve skin disorders by providing highly effective, clinically-proven safe products derived from traditional Chinese medicine botanic, achieving an optimal bridge between east and west best practices.

Our purpose: as the global botanical-based dermatology experts, we are committed to continuously share the latest accumulated knowledge regarding skin disorders, botanic and our discoveries of truly effective botanical-based skin solutions, because your skin deserves better.

Our promise: our Laboratories will continue striving for new botanical learnings as well as for new dermal breakthroughs, and to consistently translate them into innovative, powerful yet safe creations.

Our skin care philosophy: Since Integrating in depth botanical know-how and state-of-the-art dermatological science is at the heart of our work, we believe that the answer to a healthier skin is at the intersection of science and nature. As such, our formulas are especially designed to work with your skin, not just on your skin, to restore its balance, returning it to its natural state, harmonized and alive. Because just as your skin is a marvelous creation of nature, so should be the products you use to repair it.

Introducing a new standard in proven botanical-based dermatology: though we are a botanical-based manufacturing company, we challenge ourselves to act as a pharma company, enabling us to ensure you with the maximum efficacy and safety-with minimum effort.

And how do we do that?

  • By mastering the entire chain process, from botanic harvesting to production.
  • By investing huge percentage from our total budget into Research and Development purposes.
  • By establishing uncompromised Quality Assurance disciplines.  
  • By powering our formulas with the highest concentration of botanical in the industry.
  • By patenting our novelties.
  • By partnering with world-renowned dermatologists and researchers.

Find out more about our proven solutions for a range of skin disorders such as:  acne, psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff and irritated skin ….(# linkable to products)


Our Botanic:

Our chosen hero botanic: Kamedis skin formulations are derived from plants—plants known for hundreds and in some cases thousands of years for their healing properties. Further to decades-long extensive research and development, our laboratories explored over 400 traditional Chinese medicinal botanical extracts and mapped out their properties to gain a complete understanding of how they work. Each of the current 12 chosen hero botanic was found to have the most effective biological effect on skin for a specific skin disorder.  

Extracting exclusive botanical combinations: our chosen hero botanic work with each other and with our skin in ways far more complex than any synthetic drug can replicate. This is why we carefully sourced, extracted and purified the right botanical combinations, while creating a powerful synergistic effect. Each of these exclusive, clinically-validated botanical combinations is enhancing the efficacy of Kamedis’ specific product-line due to its unprecedented concentration, providing you with an effective relief from a range of skin disorders, all of which with no expected side effects as demonstrated in Kamedis clinical studies.  Read more… (#linkable to 1.3, “Our Botanical”)



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